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About me

My name is Piotr Jankowski. I am software developer, running my own business. I developed my programming skills during my IT studies at the University of Bialystok. Then, I continued my education at the Białystok University of Technology. I worked as full-time software developer for several years.

I have been working as freelancer since september 2014. In my work, I mainly deal with programming in Java, Kotlin, Swift, PHP and C# languages. My main specialty are native mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. However, I'm not limiting myself only to mobile applications. I also create programs for Windows systems, as well as internet applications – mainly in the Back-End layer.



Mobile applications for leading mobile systems: Android and iOS. Every application is created using native technologies and dedicated programming environments.


Applications for Windows systems in the .NET environment using WPF technology and Windows Forms. The main area of ​​my services are multimedia and database-using applications.


Creation and development of web applications using PHP and Bootstrap, as well as Web Services in C #, Java and PHP languages.

During my professional career, I worked on many projects that I realized in teams or alone. Therefore, I am often able to undertake projects in other fields and atypical technologies. If you have questions or concerns - do not hesitate to ask.

Selected projects

Follow Deer
Beautiful North Devon
Street King for Android
Rock of Tune
Automatic Phone Caller
Spacecraft Commander

Of course, these are not all the projects that I made during my professional career. I often sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA), that prevent me from placing a given project in my portfolio. This applies in particular to projects that I have carried out as a subcontractor.

Cooperation scheme

  • Consultations

    We discuss the idea for the application, we specify the requirements and needs. I create the initial valuation of the software. If necessary, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

  • Specification and contract

    Together, we create the exact specification of the order. On its basis, I verify the valuation and establish a deadline for project completion. We sign a contract, with the transfer of copyright. In the case of large projects, settled as whole, an advance payment may be required.

  • Execution of the contract

    I create a project that complies with the approved specification. After finishing work on the application or its specific stage, I release test version for your inspection and verification.

  • Tests and verification

    Customer is getting familiar with the application and provides me with a list of possible remarks and suggestions. Afterwards, I am correcting the application according to the list. If possible, I prefer to limit this type of comments to a maximum of two series.

  • Payment and implementation

    I issue an invoice. After paying it, I provide you with source codes along with proprietary copyrights. I can also provide support during the implementation of the software.

  • Warranty and maintenance

    I give 12 months warranty for every finished application. During the warranty period, I correct all own errors, which causes incorrect operation of the created solution. There is also possibility to extend warranty period.

There is also the possibility of establishing a more flexible cooperation, during which the requirements and scope of specifications can be freely changed at any stage of the work. In this case, I propose settlement based on the hourly rate. I issue invoices every certain period or after each completed stage. Together with the invoice, you receive a document specifying all the work done within given period.



Piotr Jankowski Programming Services

Owner / Software developer

January 2018 – now

Cooperation with companies and private clienta at every level of software development. Comprehensive handling of IT projects, consultancy in the field of software development. I often work as a subcontractor.

Merinosoft Sp. z o.o.

Software developer

October 2014 - now

My basic duties include creating new functionalities and maintaining mobile applications for the Android system. I'm also involved in the creation and development of applications executed in the MS Windows environment.

Freelancer - remote jobs

Software developer

September 2014 - December 2017

I mainly worked on custom-made software, based on client specification. This applies to both new projects written from the scratch, and the development of existing software.


Bialystok University of Technology

Informatics, speciality Application systems for graphics and multimedia (Master of Science degree)

2012 – 2014

Studies completed with an exemplary grade. Scientific work entitled "Compression of images using a discrete cosine transformation combined with encryption".

University of Bialystok

Informatics (Bachelor degree)

2009 – 2012

Studies completed with a very good grade and written praise from the rector for achievements in science. Scientific work entitled "Electronic IT systems for technical security of people and property managed via the WWW".


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